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Thursday, July 15, 2004

Próximos pasos de Google según mi colega Philipp Lenssen

El 1ero de abril del año en curso, Google eclipsó al mundo entero con el nacimiento de su nueva criatura: Gmail. Como dije en un Post anterior, se espera que Google haga su oferta pública inicial (IPO por sus siglas en inglés) en este mes de julio, pero muchos se preguntan ¿qué nuevos proyectos traera Google en el futuro inmediato? Es aquí donde mi colega alemán Philipp Lenssen opina sobre los próximos pasos de Google:

  • Gmessenger - A free and unobtrusive chat client, competing with AIM, MSNM, YIM, et al.

  • Google Videos - Search through videos; see thumbnail image previews.

  • Google Audio - Find music online.

  • Gmail Public - Google's service stepping out of Beta and going public. August 1st sounds like a good date.

  • Google Blogs - A Google blog search, similar to what Technorati is doing. (This is long overdue and relatively easy considering Google's other achievements.)

  • Gphoto - Put up your photo album, with 1 gigabyte of storage free of charge.

  • Google Image Comparison - Upload an image to see similar images. This might become a Google Images add-on which will stay in beta for two years, like most new Google services.

  • Google Live Connect - If two people happen to search for the same things, they are offered a chat connection with each other.

  • Google Instant Answer - This might take some more years – Google answering your questions, fully automated (a la FindForward's answer feature, but with no major misses).

  • Google Maps Worldwide - Google extending local search, map features, yellow pages and so on to cover the whole globe.

  • Google Library - Wasn't there a Project Ocean in which Google scanned a lot of books?

  • Google IRC Search - Of course there will be privacy discussions again, but the chat network IRC contains too much valuable information to not be monitored.

  • Google understanding image content - See previous post.

  • Google Speech Search - Technology should soon allow to do reasonable full-text search on words occurring in audio files, similar to what Speechbot is doing, but on much larger scale.

¿¡Qué les parece!? Les aconsejo que si tienen unos cuantos $ disponibles, compren acciones de Google, NASDAQ es el mercado que venderá sus acciones. Muchas gracias a Philipp Lenssen por permitirme utilizar su artículo en mi Blog! Para ver el artículo en su página original, pueden visitar Google's Next Steps. Again, Thank You Very Much Philipp Lenssen!!!